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About Emergency Heating Repair Shreveport FAQs

7 most common HVAC issues and how to solve them

Your home isn’t cooling down, and you are getting frustrated. There’s little air coming from the vent, and your AC doesn’t seem to be working at all. If your AC unit is broken, it usually means that you need to call an expert to get it fixed. However, there are various minor air conditioning problems that you can fix on your own. That means it’s time to learn some new tricks that we can share to you.

Clogged Drain
If your AC is working, but not at full capacity, that means there is a possibility that the drains are clogged. That means you’ll have to call a professional HVAC technician form us to clean the drain line.
Dirty filters
If the filters are clogged by dirt and debris, then air cannot flow through the filter. This will make your air condition unit less efficient. The best solution is to buy a new filter and replace the current one. After that, you will experience a wonderful working AC unit with clean and cool air. You may contact us for help as well.
Sensor issues
You have checked your filter and drains, but the AC unit is still not blowing any cold air. If your air conditioning is a wall unit, you can check out the sensor to see if it’s still in place. If the sensor has moved, then you should return it to its proper spot. If the wires are all tangled up or have fallen apart, then it’s best to reattach them and re-organize them.

Leaky refrigerator
If you see condensation water on the ground around the furnace, then that means your units refrigerant levels are low. If there is ice buildup on the copper line that runs from your AC, then that can jack up your electric bills. When this happens, it’s best to get a professional technician to repair the leak and recharge the system.
Broken thermostat
If the thermostat says it’s 65°, but the temperature feels like it’s 100, then the thermostat is definitely broken. Try to reset it on your own, and if it doesn’t work, then contact an Emergency Heating Repair Shreveport technician to fix it.
Electrical control failure
If you notice that your AC units turn on and off continuously, then the compressor and fan controls might be broken. First, check the breaker switch to make sure that it hasn’t been tripped. If it has, then flip the switch back on and watch the AC revitalize. If not, then call a professional AC Repairman to check the electrical connection on the AC to find the underlying issue.
Ductwork issues
If the AC is blowing cold air, but not a lot is coming out, then that means there could be an issue with the ducts. If the ducts are clogged or are leaking, then that would explain the problem. If this is the case, have a professional come in and clean and seal the ducts for you.

These problems can be prevented if you have an HVAC professional to check on your unit on an annual basis. During the inspection, the contractor will clean and drain the units and ducts, check the thermostat, check the refrigerator levels, electrical control, and clean the filters for you. If you feel frustrated, then give us a call and we are more than happy to help.

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